We make zero emission boats because we believe everyone deserves access to sustainable watercraft. One key way we keep our boats sustainable is through hydrofoiling design.

Hydrofoiling watercraft have a number of key advantages over traditional vessels. Our zero-emission boats fly about the surface of the water, providing greater efficiency, speed, and comfort at a fraction of the energy usage per nautical mile.


Hydrofoils can reduce drag up to 80%, offering significantly better performance at extraordinarily low operating costs.


By foiling above the waves, passengers can skip much of the chop and rough seas. Smaller vessels can endure much larger sea state with unparalleled comfort.


With less drag, even small hydrofoiling vessels can pick up and maintain speed more effectively and comfortably than legacy hulls.


Don’t stress about range. Our hydrofoiling vessels can provide a record-breaking range of up to 70 nautical miles per charge, by reducing drag by up to 80%.


Nature sounds only. Electric, hydrofoiling vessels offer one of the most quiet powerboat experiences on the market.


Our hulls are made from carbon fiber epoxy composites, making each vessel strong enough to meet the needs of commercial operators and recreators alike. Compared to traditional aluminum hulls, carbon fiber offers the advantage of greater durability and maximized lifespan.

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